Christmas gift boxes

I am a huge addict of Pinterest, especially when it comes to Christmas gift time; and every time I’m on there I see all of these wonderful gift box/basket ideas. This year when it came to gift giving time at work I decided to do gift boxes for the two ladies that have been my friends for the last 6-7 years, so here goes. 

I started with a collapsible box from Walmart for both, I then added things that I thought each of them would like. 

Box 1: 

Collapsible box, blanket, box of tea, a teapot/mug combined, fuzzy socks, bubble bath, lotion, face mask, and a bar of chocolate. 

Box 2: 

Collapsible box, blanket, Epsom salts for aches and pains, candle, fuzzy socks, a Japanese washcloth, face mask, lotion, and a bar of chocolate. 

Later on I also received a huge box of Garnier Millecular Cleansing water and Garnier Clearly brighter moisturizer, so I added one each in both boxes*.  

*Note: I did not receive any endorsements for this. 

Below I have added pictures of the construction of each box. 



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